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Last updated 5.7.2001
Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna OST:
Into the Another World

Catalog #: VICL-60703
Release Date: 3/23/01
Running Length: 67 minutes

Arjuna OST

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Track List
  1. Early Bird
  2. Kakusei (Awakening)
  3. Cloe
  4. Time to Die
  5. 2nd Life
  6. Diving
  7. Clone
  8. Feel the Circle
  9. Earobi (Aerobics)
  10. Omega Blue
  11. Toki no Shizuku
  12. Chikyuu Kyoumei (Earth Resonance)
  13. Yogensha (Prophet)
  14. Before Breakfast
  15. Bells for Her
  16. Bike
  17. Diamond
  18. Mameshiba
  19. Kuuki to Hoshi (tv version)
  20. Aqua
  21. Mameshiba (instrumental version)
(Right click on highlighted tracks and select "Save Target As" to download sample mp3s. The mp3s are archived in Zip format. If you don't have a zip uncompression program, I recommend Winzip.)
While this is a Yoko Kanno anime soundtrack cd, there are two vocal tracks on it that are sung by Maaya. The first is Mameshiba, which is the ending song to Chikyuu Shouja Arjuna. Mameshiba was previously released as a single and is also on Maaya's 3rd album, Lucy. The other track is Bike, an image song. Bike is one of those semi-mellow yet uplifting Maaya songs. It's the only "new" Maaya song on this cd.

A couple of other tracks on this cd worth noting are 19 and 21. Track 19 is a different version of Kuuki to Hoshi that was used in the first episode of the anime. This version is sung by Chinatsu Yamamoto, and in language that is not Japanese nor English. I'm not sure what language it is, but if someone out there knows, please drop me a line.

Track 21 is an instrumental version of Mameshiba, and is actually a bonus track. It's slow and moody in contrast to the vocal version sung by Maaya. Quite a nice bonus I must say.

Liner Notes

Maaya Sakamoto (tracks 16, 18)
Chinatsu Yamamoto (tracks 1, 3, 19)
Gabriela Robin (tracks 6, 10, 20)
Tokyo FM shonen gashodan

Piano & Keyboards: Yoko Kanno
Bass & ethnic guitars: Hitoshi Watanabe
Drums: Yauo Sano
Guitars: Tsuneo Imahori
Percussion, voice, ethnic guitar: Masaharu Sato
Percussion: Mataro Misawa
Irish flute: Hideyo Takakuwa
Horn: Otohiko Fujita Group
Strings: Masatsugu Shinozaki Group, Joe Kato Group, Gavyn Wright Strings (in London)
Synthesizer manipulating: Keishi Urata assisted by Seiichi Takubo, Syunsuke Sakamoto