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Last updated 3.16.2003
Catalog #: VICL-35459
Release Date: 2/21/03
Running Length: 10 minutes


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Track List
  1. Gravity
  2. Shima Shima
  3. Park Amsterdam
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It's been a long time since Maaya's last single, in fact an entire year. Unfortunately, Gravity didn't satisfy my yearning for more Maaya music. The most obvious issue with this single is that it's very short. There are 3 tracks which comprise a total length of exactly 10 minutes. There are no instrumental / karaoke tracks, which is usually standard for cd singles. There isn't even a instrumental version of "Gravity". Even Maaya's last single, Hemisphere, had a karaoke track for the main song. In any case, enough complaining from me. Here's some thoughts on the 3 songs.

The first track, Gravity, is the ending theme song for the anime Wolf's Rain. Gravity is an English song, although one of Maaya's weaker ones in my opinion. It's a slow, dramatic song, perhaps even a bit sad. Maaya's singing is accompanied by some beautiful piano and strings music. It's a shame there isn't at least an instrumental version of the song on the cd. Even though I am not that impressed Gravity, it seems to grow on me the more I listen to it. It's certainly my favorite track on the single.

Shima Shima is the second and longest track on this single and also the only Japanese one. In contrast to Gravity, it's a much more upbeat song. Unfortunately, there's nothing that makes this song stand out in my mind. It's just an average song.

The third and last track is another English song titled Park Amsterdam. This is a really short song (just under 2 minutes long), but again not one of Maaya's best English ones. It's basically a guitar piece with Maaya singing softly. People that enjoy Maaya's English singing should check out the The Other Side of Midnight cd.

Liner Notes

Producer: Yoko Kanno
Co-producer: Toshiaki Ota, Shiro Sasaki
Director: Yukako Inoue

Piano: Yoko Kanno
Flute: Takashi Asahi
Oboe: Masakazu Ishibashi
Clarinet: Syoji Togame
Horn: Hiroyuki Minami Group
Harp: Tomoyuki Asakawa
Strings:Masatsugu Shinozaki strings

Shima Shima
Drums: Yoshie Hiragakura
Bass: Hitoshi Watanabe
Guitar: Kenji Fujii
Synthesizer manipulating: Syunsuke Sakamoto
Keyboard: Yoko Kanno

Park Amsterdam
Drums: Yasuo Sano
Bass: Hitoshi Watanabe
Guitar: Tsuneo Imahori
Synthesizer manipulating: Keishi Urata
Keyboard: Yoko Kanno