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Last updated 4.5.2003
Tune the Rainbow
Catalog #: VICL-35472
Release Date: 4/2/03
Running Length: ~14 minutes

Tune the Rainbow

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Track List
  1. Tune the Rainbow
  2. The Garden of Everything
  3. Chiisana Hemisphere
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After just slightly more than a month after the release of Gravity, Maaya has come out with another single. Tune is the Rainbow is a bit on the short side with only three tracks like her past couple singles. However, the total length is about 14 minutes with the first two tracks taking up most of the time. This single isn't as good as Hemisphere, but then again Hemisphere is my favorite Maaya single. I'm certainly enjoying Tune the Rainbow more than Gravity.

Tune the rainbow is the first track and the ending theme song to the Rahxephon Tagen Hensoukyoku movie. This is a pretty nice song overall, but average for Maaya in my opinion. It's fairly good for a movie ending theme, but I like Yubiwa more. I'm definitely growing to like Tune the Rainbow more and more with each time I listen to it. Like Yubiwa, this is a love song (albeit with a slightly more upbeat melody). The chorus part is definitely the most catchy part.

The second track, The Garden of Everything, is my favorite song on this single. It's a duet with Maaya and Steve Conte, however Conte's voice is more prominent. Maaya's "background vocals" are a perfect match with Conte's singing. The Garden of Everything starts with Conte singing in English, then Maaya joins in at about 40 seconds into the song. While Conte sings in English throughout the entire track, Maaya switches between English and Japanese. It's quite an exquisite mix.

Chiisana Hemisphere is the last track and also my least favorite. This is a different version of the original Hemisphere song for the Rahxephon TV series. The lyrics are the same, but this version is half the length and uses synthesizer music. The synthesizer music is what makes this track less enjoyable for me, I would prefer if the music was left out. Chiisana Hemisphere really seems like it was quickly put together just to add a third track to this single. I would enjoy a karaoke track of Tune the Rainbow more.

Liner Notes

All music composed by Yoko Kanno

Track 1: Maaya Sakamoto
Track 2: Maaya Sakamoto.feat.Steve Conte
Track 3: Maaya Sakamoto

Track 1
Guitar: Tsuneo Imahori
Synthesizer manipulating: Keishi Urata assisted by Chikanari Gokan, Syunsuke Sakamoto
Strings:Masatsugu Shinozaki strings

Track 2
Synthesizer manipulating: Syunsuke Sakamoto
Strings:Masatsugu Shinozaki strings

Track 3
Synthesizer manipulating: Syunsuke Sakamoto

Keyboards: Yoko Kanno