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Last updated 5.08.2008
Catalog #: VTCL-35024
Release Date: 4/23/08
Running Length: ~19 minutes


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Track List
  1. Triangler
  2. Kotomichi
  3. Triangler (w/o maaya)
  4. Kotomichi (w/o maaya)
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Triangler is the opening theme song to the Macross Frontier anime. This single is special in a couple ways. It marks the first time in about 4 years that Maaya and Yoko Kanno have worked together (over 5 years if you consider that their last single, Tune the Rainbow, came out on 4/2/2003). Secondly, all of Maaya's singles since Tune the Rainbow have been for CLAMP related shows.

The storyline of Macross F includes a romance plot between the main male character, a female idol singer and a younger girl (who aspires to be a professional singer). So basically the show involves a love triangle between the three, and hence the name of the theme song. Victor Entertainment also heavily used the triangle motif in the cover art. Triangler is quite upbeat and has a fast tempo for a love song. Maaya hits some very high notes in this song. Some people think her voice doesn't lend well to high pitched singing. I've also read on various message boards that some fans feel Triangler is a song that was not specifically composed for Maaya. That could be true, however I don't feel anyone could perform the song better than Maaya.

Kotomichi is the second track and is a slow song in stark contrast to Triangler. This song is actually composed by a different person instead of Yoko Kanno, but is still quite nice. The music is very simple and highlights Maaya's beautiful voice. Piano and guitar are the only instruments used in the song. I didn't enjoy Kotomichi much when I first heard it, yet it's definitely grown on me after listening to it more.

The third and fourth tracks are instrumental / karaoke versions of both songs, which is pleasing since Kanno's and Maaya's last single actually didn't have any such tracks.

Liner Notes

All vocals and backing vocals by Maaya

Music Composition
Triangler: Yoko Kanno
Kotomichi: Michiko Takada

Triangler: Gabriela Robin
Kotomichi: Maaya Sakamoto

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