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Last updated 2.22.2004
Wolf's Rain OST 2
Catalog #: VICL-61280
Release Date: 1/21/04
Running Length: ~68 minutes

Wolf's Rain OST 2

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Track List
  1. Heaven's Not Enough (Steve Conte)
  2. Shiro, Long Tail's
  3. Cycle
  4. Beyond Me
  5. Mouth On Fire
  6. Hounds
  7. Rain Of Blossoms
  8. Separated
  9. Escape
  10. Face On
  11. Tsume no Suna
  12. Flying to You
  13. Night Owl
  14. Shi no Mori
  15. Indiana
  16. Amore Amaro
  17. Friends
  18. *Tell Me What The Rain Knows
  19. Float
  20. Trace
  21. Sad Moon
  22. *Cloud 9
  23. Go to 'rakuen'
Note: * = tracks sung by Maaya

(Right click on highlighted tracks and select "Save Target As" to download sample mp3s. The mp3s are archived in Zip format. If you don't have a zip uncompression program, I recommend Winzip.)

There are two tracks on this soundtrack that Maaya performs, and both are insert songs for the Wolf's Rain anime show. It's been a while since the last time Maaya did any insert songs for an anime. The last instance was almost 3 years ago when she worked on the Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna OST and mini-album.

The first Maaya song on Wolf's Rain OST 2 is Tell Me What The Rain Knows. This song plays towards the end of episode 26. Fans hoping for a longer version of it will be disappointed because the track on the cd is the same length as what is used in the show. Despite the short length of the song, Maaya sings it beautifully. "Tell Me What The Rain Knows" is not one of her best English performances in my opinion, but I still deeply enjoy listening to it. There is a certain moodiness in the song, in the lyrics, music and Maaya's singing. It's definitely a sad, haunting song.

Maaya's other track on this cd is Cloud 9. All you fans can relax because it's a full length song unlike "Tell Me What The Rain Knows". "Cloud 9" is the song used in episode 17, one of the many recap episodes in Wolf's Rain. This song is actually the vocal version of one of the background music pieces used in the anime (specifically in episode 1). The melody of the song is quite upbeat and contrasts with "Tell Me What The Rain Knows".

Since many of you probably are Yoko Kanno fans too, I've also encoded and uploaded sample mp3s of my favorite instrumental tracks from this soundtrack. Enjoy.

Liner Notes

All music composed by Yoko Kanno

Track 1:
lyrics by Tim Jensen, vocals by Steve Conte
Track 3:
lyrics and vocals by Gabriela Robin
Track 12:
lyrics and vocals by Ilaria Graziano
Track 16:
lyrics and vocals by Franco Sansalone
Track 18:
lyrics by Chris Mosdell, vocals by Maaya Sakamoto
Track 22:
lyrics by Yuuho Iwasato, vocals by Maaya Sakamoto